The healthcare sector is an investor favorite especially in a defensive Market but not least among its appeal is the dividend yields of some of the big Health Care

Bertha Coombs joins us right now with more on that and Bertha good morning hey good morning Beck Eagan and good morning Melissa yeah Healthcare has been seen as important a storm during this Market volatility we've been experiencing

Rising rate environment the stocks are also providing some healthy dividends led by the drug maker to have a yield on average of about two and a half percent the actress tops the list with a 5.4

percent yield according to fact set but you know looking at that chart you can see why and there's Gilead with indicated annual dividend of 2.92 cents a share that's a 4.6

percent yield but again that stocks down about 10 percent over the last year while Mercy spin-off organ on which specializes in women's health is at 4.3

Percent a big reason and again is the fact that these guys have seen their stock price decline so that has boosted their yields most of them analysts are not in love with him but when we did a screener

CNBC Pro screener for above average dividend players that have high buy ratings and also above average stock

performance two names stand out first more than half of analysts covering ABV rated a buy and everyone I talked to really likes this one I don't know