Joe Biden 'Failing to remember His Direction' For Atomic?

President Joe bidden does something like what are you doing man you're trying to kill us all now don't watch this audio because it was at a fundraiser but listen the smartest man in the world Joe bidden a democrat What is in a senatorial campaign committee?

The other day he made a bid to grab money that we didn't face; you have to add all the stumbling blocks and everything just imagine we've had Kennedy and Cuban missiles since Armageddon that possibility.

Have not encountered. The crisis we have is a man I know very well, Biden continued, referring to Putin, who is not kidding when he talks about the possible

use of nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons because his military, you Can say, underperforming, yes he's right about that and it's really nice to see Biden

showing you a little bit of the situation instead of trying to find an ice cream bar or stumble across it. Aware of as he usually does, but it is something. That needs to be discussed here.