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so we're going to be tackling a particularly controversial topic the pHs as anyone who lives in the up will know the pHs is the closest thing we brats have to a national religion criticizing it amounts to sacrilege which is why the conservatives

who aren't generally that keen on nationalizing public services usually avoid saying anything bad about it unfortunately this is a slightly unhelpful attitude of course the people who work in the pHs

who've committed their careers to saving people for pretty mediocre salaries deserve a lot of credit but the pHs as an organization isn't a perfect health service and pretending as much prevents politicians from having constructive conversations

about how we might improve it so in this one we thought we'd have a go ourselves and see if we can figure out how to fix the pHs the first big problem that needs fixing in the pHs is waiting times over the pandemic the pHs England waiting list increased by nearly a million from 4.

4 million in march to about 5.3 million today things are expected to get quite a bit worse because with corona virus people didn't go to the doctor as much as they otherwise would have if you compare the number of people joining 

waiting list over the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic you'll see that 7.4 million fewer people than expected joined the list which means that we could see another seven and a half million people or so join the waiting list relatively