The istory of oil

Oil is falling to $147 $110 [$60] $45 Once oil in the U.S. got a penny a liter

cheaper, 50 years ago these countries were selling [oil] Venezuela Saudi Arabia Iran Iraq.

Title 1

. Kuwait sells its oil at any price, mine is $10 per barrel, but other countries sell their oil at $9

. Overcharging for an empire, but how did these five countries form a group in 1960? Our group will now be known as an OPEC oil producing and exporting

country and together we will sell our oil at only one price. Eight more countries joined.

. And the price of oil suddenly went up. Other countries such as Great Britain and Russia also obtained large amounts of oil.

We are not part of OPEC and [we] will decide our price. The world was soon flooded with oil from more than 15 countries

the history  of oil

the history  of oil